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Home & Professional Appliances
Elevate everyday living and professional culinary experiences with our cutting-edge appliances: CupFeel brings health and convenience to your home, while TurboBlender transforms kitchen efficiency for professionals

Office & Consumer Appliances

Experience the perfect blend of technology and ergonomics with Plikto and Skystand, designed to prioritize your health and comfort in consumer and office settings.
Coming Soon
Ergonomic Desktop Mat.
Coming Soon
Ergonomic Desktop Mat.

Kids Educational Games

Explore the world of learning with our innovative Kids Educational Games, featuring the upcoming release that promises to captivate young minds, and Sound Memory, a unique blend of NFC technology and an app to enhance sound recognition and memory skills.

Agriculture Technology & Solutions

Embrace local cultivation with Growmo: M1, a specialized solution for growing diverse types of mushrooms, bringing freshness and sustainability directly to your business.

Photo Realistic Renderings

Bringing refurbished Apple products to life, our IPower project demonstrates exceptional skill in photorealistic rendering, capturing the essence and detail of each device for their online sales platform.

Client Projects that will Launch to Market in 2024:

We love to see that our clients succeed and make it to market. As soon as they are public they will be linked to their live websites.
Coming Soon
Professional Wearable Band
Coming Soon
Fishing Accessory
Coming Soon
Home Energy Drink Dispenser Appliance
Coming Soon
Game Accessory
Coming Soon
Professional Wearable Band

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