Growmo: M1
Revolutionary Home Appliance Combining Automated
Mushroom Farming and Aesthetic Design for All Your Produce Needs
To seamlessly integrate advanced agricultural technology into a user-friendly, space-efficient, energy efficient and visually appealing product.Ensuring that the appliance caters to all mushroom needs while remaining intuitive and cost efficient.
Prototyping would play a crucial role, allowing for iterative testing and refinement of both the humidification system and the overall design. Feedback loops with potential users and mushroom experts have ensured that the appliance is both effective and user-centric.
The culmination of our efforts resulted in a state-of-the-art home appliance that revolutionizes urban mushroom farming. Offering users fresh, organic mushrooms while serving as a stylish centerpiece in modern restaurants, hotels and homes.
Mushroom Variety
Experience the versatility of our horticultural mushroom unit, capable of cultivating various mushroom types, including Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane, Reishi, Maitake. Each offers distinct health benefits.
Energy & Water Efficient
Embrace eco-friendly cultivation with our energy and water-efficient horticulture appliance. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, it maximizes resource conservation, reducing both energy consumption and water usage. Grow responsibly while minimizing your environmental footprint.
Control via App
Seize complete control with our intuitive app. Easily customize lighting, manage humidification mist, and fine-tune temperature settings. Receive expert harvesting guidance, all within your reach. Effortlessly oversee your mushroom cultivation journey for outstanding outcomes, wherever you are.
Versatile Substrate Options
Adapt to your space and preference effortlessly with our horticultural mushroom unit. It allows you to grow mushrooms using different types of substrates that can be either hung or laid on a surface, providing flexibility in your cultivation approach.
Effortless Mushroom Cultivation: Our automated mushroom unit, featuring advanced sensors and camera feedback, constantly refines and improves your mushroom growth, taking the guesswork out of the process. Harness technology to nurture your mushrooms with precision and care.
Built locally
Quality meets local craftsmanship with our horticulture appliance. Proudly built in the EU, it adheres to stringent quality standards and ensures top-notch reliability. Support local production while enjoying peace of mind with a product designed for excellence.
Areas of work
Our team was involved throughout the whole process
Industrial Design
Crafting aesthetic and functional products that resonate with the modern user's needs and desires.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering precision and reliability into every product, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
Marketing Assets
Creating compelling visuals and content that captivate audiences and amplify the product's unique value proposition.
Design for Manufacturing
Optimizing designs for efficient production, ensuring seamless transitions from concept to mass production.
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