A Contemporary Makeover of a Vacuum Saving Set for
Elevated Performance and Eye-catching Appeal.
Creating a vacuum sealer that is user-friendly, safe, and durable, while ensuring ergonomic design and ease of maintenance, given the demands of kitchen tasks.
We aimed to create a sealer that was not only functionally superior but also aesthetically aligned with the preferences of the U.S. consumer.
A state-of-the-art vacuum sealer equipped with intuitive controls, safety features, and ergonomic design.
Intuitive Controls
The vacuum sealer is designed with user-friendly controls, featuring automatic sealing, vacuuming, and a mode selection for various food types, including soft, delicate, dry, and humid items, ensuring optimal preservation with just a touch.
Seal Lock
A secure seal lock mechanism guarantees an airtight closure, maintaining the integrity of the seal and ensuring the longevity of food storage.
Ergonomic Shape with a Low Center of Gravity.
The appliance's ergonomic design facilitates comfortable handling and operation, making it a user-friendly addition to any kitchen.
Easy Portability
Lightweight construction paired with a compact form factor makes the vacuum sealer easy to move and store, offering convenience to users who value space efficiency.
Antivibration system
An integrated antivibration system ensures quiet operation, reducing noise and making the sealing process more pleasant.
Ease of Repairability
Designed with straightforward access to internal components, the vacuum sealer simplifies any necessary repairs, extending the appliance's lifespan and ensuring it remains a reliable kitchen tool.
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Areas of work
Our team was involved throughout the whole process
Industrial Design
Crafting aesthetic and functional products that resonate with the modern user's needs and desires.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering precision and reliability into every product, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
Marketing Assets
Creating compelling visuals and content that captivate audiences and amplify the product's unique value proposition.
Design for Manufacturing
Optimizing designs for efficient production, ensuring seamless transitions from concept to mass production.
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