A Stylish Overhaul of a Blender Collection for Optimal
Performance and Visual Appeal.
Overhauling the existing blender design to resonate with and entice the discerning U.S. buyer, ensuring it stands out in a competitive market.
Embarking on a journey of reimagining and prototyping, we aimed to create a blender that was not only functionally superior but also aesthetically aligned with the preferences of the U.S. consumer.
The outcome was a blender design complete with innovative features and a fresh visual appeal, primed for manufacturing and ensuring a seamless transition from the drawing board to the kitchen counters of U.S. homes.
Embeded base.
The embedded base design ensures a stable blending experience, eliminating the tilting issues seen in previous models, providing users with confidence during operation.
Safety Features - Jug Detector.
Prioritizing user safety, the blender comes with a jug detector that automatically halts the machine if any discrepancies are detected, ensuring peace of mind during use.
Ergonomic Shape with a Low Center of Gravity.
The blender's ergonomic design, combined with a low center of gravity, ensures comfortable handling and reduces the risk of tipping, making it user-friendly and secure.
Clean Specific and Turbo Specific Functions.
The Clean Specific function simplifies the cleaning process, while the Turbo Specific function offers a powerful boost for those tougher blending tasks, ensuring optimal performance and ease of maintenance
Scraping Stick.
The included scraping stick is expertly designed to easily access and clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, ensuring no residue is left behind and simplifying the cleaning process.
Mode Specific Buttons.
With dedicated buttons for Smoothie, Chop, Ice, Spread, Drink, and Soup, users can achieve perfect consistency and texture for various recipes at the touch of a button, enhancing the blending experience
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Areas of work
Our team was involved throughout the whole process
Industrial Design
Crafting aesthetic and functional products that resonate with the modern user's needs and desires.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering precision and reliability into every product, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
Marketing Assets
Creating compelling visuals and content that captivate audiences and amplify the product's unique value proposition.
Design for Manufacturing
Optimizing designs for efficient production, ensuring seamless transitions from concept to mass production.
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