TB PM1000
Meatgrinder design overhaul for US market
Creating a meat grinder that is user-friendly, safe, and durable, while ensuring ergonomic design and ease of maintenance, given the demands of kitchen tasks.
Embarking on a journey of reimagining and prototyping, we aimed to create a grinder that was not only functionally superior but also aesthetically aligned with the preferences of the U.S. consumer.
A state-of-the-art meat grinder equipped with intuitive controls, safety features, and ergonomic design. Its grip-handle and anti-vibration system ensure comfortable use, while the ease of repairability promises longevity and hassle-free maintenance.
Intuitive Controls
The meat grinder features a clear light indicator signaling its operational status, paired with three straightforward buttons: on-off, forward, and reverse. Simple signage ensures even first-time users can operate the device with ease.
Safety Nozzle Lock
Prioritizing user safety, the grinder is equipped with an ergonomic rotational knob lock, ensuring different nozzles are securely fastened during operation, preventing any accidental dislodgements.
Ergonomic Shape with a Low Center of Gravity.
Designed with user comfort in mind, the grinder boasts an ergonomic shape, ensuring easy handling. Its low center of gravity further enhances stability, reducing the risk of tipping during use.
Grip for Hard Tasks
Whether you're relocating the grinder or tackling more demanding grinding tasks, the integrated grip-handle ensures a firm hold, providing added control and convenience.
Antivibration system
To enhance user comfort and reduce noise, the grinder incorporates an advanced anti-vibration system, ensuring smoother operation and minimizing disturbances.
Ease of Repairability
Understanding the importance of longevity and hassle-free maintenance, the grinder is designed with accessible front and back panels. This feature simplifies the repair process, ensuring the device remains a staple in kitchens for years to come.
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Areas of work
Our team was involved throughout the whole process
Industrial Design
Crafting aesthetic and functional products that resonate with the modern user's needs and desires.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering precision and reliability into every product, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
Marketing Assets
Creating compelling visuals and content that captivate audiences and amplify the product's unique value proposition.
Design for Manufacturing
Optimizing designs for efficient production, ensuring seamless transitions from concept to mass production.
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