Revolutionizing the energy drink markety by making a healthier and more sustainabile drinking experience.
Designing a Energy Drink Appliance that produces customizable beverages without using CO2 canisters.
Conceptualizing and prototyping a product that was aesthically pleasing and user centric in a short amount of time.
A Product design and visual branding that was ready for manufacturing, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to production.
Cero CO2 canister waste
Incorporated into the design, the status lights provide real-time feedback to users, enhancing usability and offering a modern touch to the keyboard's aesthetics.
Multi-Flavour System
The innovative tilting mechanism allows users to adjust the keyboard's angle, ensuring optimal wrist positioning and enhancing typing comfort.
Crafted with user comfort in mind, the ergonomic shape of the keyboard ensures a natural hand and wrist posture, reducing strain during prolonged use.
User Friendly Interface
The Plikto keyboard is equipped with custom action buttons, enabling users to configure personalized shortcuts and optimize their typing workflow.
Compatible with different Lifestyles
A standout feature, the simultaneous charging capability allows users to continue their tasks uninterrupted, even as the keyboard replenishes its battery.
Plug & Play System
Designed with precision, the rubber feet provide enhanced stability, ensuring the keyboard remains firmly in place on various surfaces, preventing slips and shifts.
Areas of work
Our team was involved throughout the whole process
Industrial Design
Crafting aesthetic and functional products that resonate with the modern user's needs and desires.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering precision and reliability into every product, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
Marketing Assets
Creating compelling visuals and content that captivate audiences and amplify the product's unique value proposition.
Design for Manufacturing
Optimizing designs for efficient production, ensuring seamless transitions from concept to mass production.
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